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Plymouth Rock June 10, 2011

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Our first excursion was to Plymouth today.  We visited Plymouth Rock, The Mayflower II, The Plimoth Plantation and  Wampanog homesite.  I must say that Plymouth Rock is not what history has cracked it up to be.  It looks more like a landscape rock with an address on it rather than an “important” national treasure!Plymouth Rock  I was “warned” that the rock was really not much to see, but I guess I was expecting so much more.  One of the most important lessons of the day was that the Past is what really happened and History is the interpretation of the past.  This is definitely true for Plymouth Rock; the interpretation of the landing on the Rock has been fictionalized and  dramatized so much that it is hard to believe that in all actuality, the Pilgrims did not even take their first steps on the Rock!

Rock sign Off to Lexington and Concord tomorrow.  I can’t wait!


3 Responses to “Plymouth Rock”

  1. Nice job with the pix. And I am glad to see that we seem to have gotten the same message out of the presentations about the History vs. The Past. I still think we could put together a pretty good compare and contrast lesson on the Plimoth Plantation and the Wampanoag Village.

  2. mquin1000 Says:

    To say the rock was underwhelming is an understatement. If I were still teaching, or if I ever go back to teaching I think I will use Plymouth Rock as an example of how we can over hype things. Here we have a rock and there is no evidence it was ever part of the landing and yet we have taken it and made it into a mythical thing. Maybe we just need to grab on to anything as a young country.

  3. inmanr Says:

    I had much the same thought as you. I know people in Cheyenne who have rocks bigger than this in their yard. But on the flip side I was amazed how Plymouth Rock has be immortalized through the years. I had always pictured something that several people would have been able to stand on at one time.

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