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Maine June 17, 2011

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A day full of sunshine??!!  Could it be?  This was exactly what we experienced during our trip to Maine today.  What a fabulous day of history and natural beauty.  We began our day at Pemaquid State Park where we viewed the remains of the colonial Pemaquid building  and museum.  Here we saw a different method of construction from the early colonists at Plimoth; here they built their homes on rock foundations rather than just dirt floors.  We also visited a reconstruction of Fort William Henry; a military fort that was attacked and destroyed by the French and Native Americans.

Coastline at Pemaquid

Dr. Baker at Pemaquid Historic SiteOne of the most remarkable sites we visited was Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. This is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the United States still used by the US Coast Guard. Not only was the view from the top beautiful but we learned that this lighthouse is on the Maine state quarter! Who knew?Pemaquid Point LighthouseView around the lighthouse

Our last stop of the day was to Freeport; the home of LL Bean.  Not really a historic site in the traditional sense but historic none the less.  Most of us ate lobster in one form or another.  It just doesn’t seem right to go to Maine and not eat lobster!

Overall, it was interesting to hear of the colonial experience from someplace other than Massachusetts.  An interesting opinion I heard today was how some people from Maine don’t care for people from Massachusetts.  Apparently this has to do with the time when Maine was part of Massachusetts; there seems to still be some resentment!

One more day in New England.


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  1. helencg11 Says:

    This was a relaxing day for me and the calming sounds of the ocean were so peaceful. I agree with you, I got the feeling that Maine people kind of feel like Wyoming people feel about Colorado greenies. They benefit from the resources of our landscapes.

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